Reviewers 2019

The editorial board and staff of the Journal of Management and Business Education thank the many scholars who have contributed their time and expertise to review manuscripts. The following individuals served as external ad hoc reviewers during 2019. Thank you for your service!

Francisco Díez Martín

Gloria Aparicio de Castro, Universidad del País Vasco / EHU, Spain
Francisco Javier Arroyo Cañada, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
Virginia Barba Sánchez, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Spain
Jose Luis Coca Pérez, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
Alicia Blanco Gonzalez, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Ana Cruz Suárez, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Emilio Díez de Castro, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Sandra Escamilla Solano, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Antonio Fernández Portillo, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
Manuel Guisado González, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
Almudena Macías Guillén, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Juan Gabriel Martinez Navalón, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Giorgia Miotto, Universidad Ramon Llull - Blanquerna, Spain
Mari Cruz Sánchez Escobedo, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain